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Observing the three castles from a distance you might think that they got there just by chance but a closer look at this small town, situated in the middle of the valley floor of the River Ticino, which connects the Alps to Lake Maggiore, might make you reconsider. In fact, the capital developed around the fortress in the course of the centuries, acquiring a multicultural identity that derives from its enviable position and has determined its role as a pulsating cultural hub at the heart of Europe.


In the Bellinzona area, where routes to the St. Gotthard, the Luckmanier and the San Bernadino intersect, contrast is a source of vitality and culture, albeit accompanied by respect for tradition. There is an ongoing dialogue between the medieval architecture of the fortifications (World Heritage site) and the old town with its many ancient monuments, and contemporary works by eminent architects of our times; works which have enhanced the town centre and the entire region. Bellinzona’s noisy and colourful market has survived for centuries and now continues to exist side by side with major scientific research centres. Numerous galleries, museums and theatres guarantee a lively cultural scene and are constantly in competition with the squares where openair events and the most famous Carnival in Ticino bring life to the ancient quarters of the old town centre.


The silence offered by ancient churches and libraries provide a contrast with the many and varied sports events on offer. Whether you choose to enjoy the delicacies of haute cuisine or prefer to sample the traditional, simpler fare of a “grotto”, the food on your plate and the wine in your glass will have been produced locally. It is this fascinating mosaic of contrasts and shades that has made Bellinzona worthy of its recognition as a World Heritage Site.

Bellinzonese Bellinzonese Biasca e Riviera Biasca e Riviera Valle di Blenio Valle di Blenio Leventina Leventina
Events Agenda
28 February 2015, 08:49
Le porte della fantasia

Esposizione interattiva ideata da Mao Fusina, il Museo in erba e la Vallée de la jeunesse di Losanna.


06 March - 27 June 2015
Blues Sessions 2015

The Blues is back in Town! The Big Blues comes back to Bellinzona!

15 March 2015, 17:30
12 April 2015, 17:30
17 May 2015, 17:30
L’ESTRO ARMONICO 2015 – prima edizione

Il ciclo di concerti L’Estro armonico, che prende il nome da una delle più famose raccolte vivaldiane, propone in crescendo  un panorama vario e completo fra i più grandi capolavori della musica per archi.

19 March - 21 June 2015
ALBERTO GHINZANI Una linea lombarda

La mostra “Alberto Ghinzani. Una linea lombarda” si inserisce nel progetto di scambio culturale e artistico tra Bellinzona e Milano.

19 March - 01 November 2015
Bellinzonese da scoprire

Il Bellinzonese: un territorio da conoscere e valorizzare Il Castello di Montebello ospita, dal 19 marzo al 1 novembre la mostra “Bellinzonese da scoprire”. L’esposizione ha l’obiettivo di far meglio conoscere ed apprezzare l’importante offerta territoriale di questa regione.

28 March - 02 August 2015
Somewhere between the lines, Lang/Baumann & Raffaella Chiara

Linee architettoniche, linee spaziali e linee del tempo.

25 April 2015
17° International Military Cross

Participate with one or more teams on 26 April 2014 in the 16 th International Military Cross in Bellinzona, the capital of Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

25 April 2015, 10:30
Suonar di sabato - "Vivaldi and Friends"

Classi dei maestri:

Giuseppe Cattaneo (canto) e Massimiliano Salmi (musica da camera)
La bellezza del canto e il virtuosismo degli strumenti, insieme nel barocco di Vivaldi e Telemann.

26 April 2015, 11:00
Convento in movimento

Mercato dell'artigianato, musica, teatro e gastronomia dalle ore 11.00 alle ore 18.00!


26 April 2015, 14:30
A tutta vela! - Atelier

Domenica al Museo in famiglia.


Special offers
01 January 2014 - 31 December 2015
Panoramic Ticino

Discover the city of Bellinzona from the high, with its castles UNESCO, breath-taking landscapes and other wonders.


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02 January 2014 - 02 January 2016
Offer Railaway "Bellinzona and its castles"

20% reduction on the train journey to Bellinzona and back 20% reduction on admission to the museum at the castle of Castelgrande A voucher worth CHF 5.00 to put towards a souvenir from Bellinzona Turismo.


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19 March - 31 December 2015
Culture Pass - Entrance Ticket to the Three Castles of Bellinzona

The Culture Pass is an entrance ticket to the Three Castles of Bellinzona, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000, and the civic museum Villa dei Cedri.

19 March - 30 April 2015

Stay overnight in Bellinzona from March 19 to April 30 and receive free entry to the Castles of Bellinzona, a UNESCO World Heritage site!


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27 March - 31 December 2015

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01 April - 31 October 2015
UNESCO World Heritage properties in Ticino



2 DAYS AT THE PRICE OF CHF 295.– per person
Single room: CHF 180.– per day

04 April - 31 October 2015
Visite guidate

Tutti i sabati / jeden Samstag/chaque samedi/every Saturday

20 April 2015, 12:32
Trenino Artù

Un viaggio meraviglioso in mezzo alla natura per raggiungere i Castelli di Bellinzona partendo dalla suggestiva Turrita, centro storico di Bellinzona.
Il trenino turistico circola regolarmente tutti  i giorni della settimana dal 19 marzo al 31 ottobre 2015.